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It's just like having your very own virtual assistant! Use our quick fix credits to get your small tasks done so you can focus on the BIG ones... which, let's be honest, is where your attention really should be spent. 

So um, what’s a Quick Fix?

Think of our Quick Fixes as an on demand plumber… but for your digital business pipes. Clear the block and get an immediate (and implemented for you!) solution to the problem you’ve been facing for WAY too long.

Has your slider on your WordPress website been broken forever? Do you need to set up a marketing pop-up on your site? Do you have a super outdated Facebook header that needs an update but Canva is just NOT co-operating?

Each Quick Fix credit allows you to complete one task WITH a guaranteed 72 hour turnaround!

Fun fact! We've actually finished up all tasks ordered so far within just 48 hours… make sure we have all of the information we need (like your login) upfront and you’ll be golden. Plus, we’ll always be here to talk you through it!

What kinds of tasks can I have completed with one credit?

Here are some one-credit tasks that we’ve completed so far in 2020:

— Fixed a broken slider on a WordPress site

— Updated several products on Shopify with new variants

— Wrote insightful captions for five LinkedIn posts for personal branding purposes

— Created two Instagram feed posts and one story for an upcoming IG Live

— Designed a YouTube thumbnail for a video that needed to go out the next morning

How to buy

You can buy them in packs of 1, 5, and 10! Credits do NOT expire so you can use them as you need them, think of having credits on hand like having an assistant to do your menial tasks on demand.


I don’t know, my task feels pretty big, how many credits will I REALLY need?

The examples above provide an idea of what tasks you can safely expect to have accomplished with one credit.

Just in case your task feels large or if you’re not sure and wanted to confirm it with us first, hit the handy live chat icon on the bottom right and we’ll let you know exactly how many to purchase.

I've purchased my credit and am ready to get this task done! What's next?

Right after your purchase, you will be sent a handy Typeform questionnaire where you will be able to fill in your task details. If we have any questions or need more information to complete your task, we'll contact you within 24 hours of your purchase.

If you need to contact us sooner, just hit the live chat app icon on the bottom right, we're here for you!