Design++ — Social Page Branding


A good first impression sets the tone for a great relationship, and leads to the dollars that sustain your entrepreneurship dreams.

A bad first impression, on the other hand, does the opposite -- and it once it's happened, it's as hard to get rid of as carrot juice on your favourite white blouse.

The average brain only needs a few seconds to determine whether something does or doesn't hold value for them. That's why it's so important to make sure that your images and your messaging are communicated simply and in a way that resonates instantly with your target audience.

When you need this:

  • You're ready to put your business out there, but aren't sure which platform(s) to choose or how to set them up.
  • You've made your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (personal and business!) and Google My Business profiles... Now what?
  • You know you need a great cover photo and catchy wording and you're kind of there, but something's just not looking right.

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How does it work?

After checkout, you'll be directed to an easy-fill form where you'll be able to select a visual feel you're going for and let us know where you're at in the process. You'll also be able to let us know if there's anything specific you'd love us to factor in. We'll contact you via your preferred contact method (phone, email, or live chat) to confirm the details and ask for any clarification should we need it.

Next, we'll set up your profiles if you haven't already, and create the visual and copy elements needed to make your social profile maximize its potential. You'll be able to review our progress and let us know if you would like anything changed. This service is collaborative — you know your business best and we want to make you proud!

How long does it take?

After selecting your design style, you can expect an average turnaround time of 5 to 8 business days.

Good to know 

Our services are designed to create magic through collaboration, combining your vision with our experience and know-how to bring it to life.

We'll work with you, patiently and supportively, to find you the clarity and the next steps you can't move forward without.