Design++ — Pitch Deck, Press/Investor Ready

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It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but a complete presentation deck is something every business should have.

Let's get real. Here's why:

Having a master slide deck covering every angle of your business on hand keeps you primed to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way, from an on-the-fly PR kit for that media opportunity to the perfect accompaniment for that job proposal... just mix, match, and voíla!

When you need this:

  • You've started getting leads and you want to close some deals
  • You've spent a lot of time building, and now you're READY for the world to know what your business is about
  • You have a funding opportunity coming up and you want to look like you have it all together
  • Oops! A magazine/blog/reporter wants to feature you but you have NO media kit

How does it work?

After checkout, you'll be directed to an easy-fill form that will let you input your content and choose the visual feel you'd like for your presentation deck. You'll be able to select the main goals for your presentation, and if you're having us create the content for you, we'll schedule a Zoom or telephone call to get on the same page.

Next, we'll come up with some design options based on the feel you're going for and email them to you. You'll have the opportunity to provide your input with regards to direction, and together we'll build the perfect deck that you feel represents you and your business to the max!

How long does it take?

After selecting your design style and providing us your deck content, you can expect an average turnaround time of 8 to 12 business days. You'll also have the opportunity for two rounds of edits, so that may add some time, but we're generally pretty quick! 

Good to know 

Our services are designed to create magic through collaboration, combining your vision with our experience and know-how to bring it to life.

We'll work with you, patiently and supportively, to find you the clarity and the next steps you can't move forward without.