Design++ — Instagram Feed

How many?

Let's be real, one of the hardest things to do is to keep up with your Instagram  — we feel you!

Sometimes you just have things to do, and it's easy to let that one post slide. Before you know it, a few days have gone by and you think, why bother?  Unfortunately, the Instagram algorithm rewards consistency. Not only that, but once your followers lose sight of you, it's hard to get out of their rearview.

When you need this:

  • You're experiencing crippling decision fatigue. How am I supposed to know what to post? Does anyonereally care about National Tissue Box Day?
  • You've made an account, posted a few times, but aren't sure what to do next to make it worth your while.
  • You're busy busy busy. And if you're completely honest, keeping up with Instagram just isn't your jam.

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How does it work?

Choose from our 9- or 12- Instagram post packs. Have a specific vibe you're looking to achieve? After checkout, you'll have the opportunity to let us know exactly what you're going for in an easy-fill form. You'll see examples of different feed styles and post types, and you can pick the styles that appeal most to you. We'll take care of the balancing act and give you a good variety of posts to keep your feed feelin' fresh.

We put a lot of love and effort into the posts that we make, and our prices reflect that. If you have questions about this or think your requirements may be a bit different from what you see here, we'd love to hear from you. Tap the chat icon on the bottom right, and let's talk!

Fun fact: If you ever want to come back, we keep your preferences on file. You'll only have to fill the form out once — isn't it nice to have a team member that just gets you?

I'm in. What's next?

Check your inbox for the easy-fill form that will allow us to understand the vibe you're going for. Once that's done and dusted, all you have to do is excitedly check your inbox for the download link.

Do I still have to write the captions?

It's up to you! If you'd prefer that we write them, just select the caption add-on. For a great feed, it always helps to keep your captions personal and in your brand voice, so we may reach out to you for input or ask you a few extra questions on the form.

Can you schedule them for me too?

If you use a scheduling app like Buffer or Later, we're happy to take care of that! Just reach out to us via email at or tap the chat icon on the bottom right and get in touch!

Good to know 

Our services are designed to create magic through collaboration, combining your vision with our experience and know-how to bring it to life.

We'll work with you, patiently and supportively, to find you the clarity and the next steps you can't move forward without.