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A Little Something Extra Cards

Madison Calder and Rachel Devitt have invented a genius and super-heartwarming way to stay in touch with your loved ones and bring them that much-needed sunshine on their rainy days, with little cards of encouragement meant just for those moments.

Want to be known as the most thoughtful friend ever? Follow @somethingextracards on Instagram and get carding!

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Harvest Moon Designs

The creative genius behind this eye-catching jewellery brand is Olivya Leblanc, a Slovenian, French Canadian and Wendat/Algonquin multidisciplinary artist from Tkaronto.

Love her vibes? Follow @harvestmoon.designs on Instagram and stay updated on her flash sales  — her beautiful jewellery sells out in just minutes, every time!

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OMG Koneko

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Cheryl Sutherland, queen of affirmations and mindset wellness, started PleaseNotes® to empower people to become their favourite version of themselves. Cheryl and her beautiful planners and accessories have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, InStyle, and more. (Go Cheryl!)

Build that confidence, clarity, and creativity! Follow @please_notes on Instagram for inspiration on the daily!

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