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Oh hey there!

There's a lot going on this month all around, from the isolation measures to our clients needing to rejig their strategies a little bit to accommodate the changing circumstances, but we're not letting it get us down! We've had to change around some of the programming as detailed in our last month's What's Going On, but all is well and there's still a bunch going on!

If your business plans are being affected by this and you need some inspiration, a creative brainstorm to see what you can do to keep it moving, or just a friendly ear, I'm here for you! Use the contact form to get in touch or DM me straight at @nafbaf, it ain't easy but we'll get through this together!

Let's *hop* right in (so Easter appropriate, you're welcome)!

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eCommerce in EIGHT days?!

Monday, April 6

If you're following me on my personal Instagram, you already know that my mummy has a brick-and-mortar business that's been forced to close in the interests of society at large. We're trying to keep it running from a distance, but that's not an easy task, especially with the uncertainty and the accumulating rent payments.

Luckily, I've had to pull myself out of a few bad situations, and in the process I've learnt where my strengths lie — in creativity and exploiting the best out of a not-so-great situation... making lemons out of lemonade, so to speak!

My mummy is great at organization and running things, so I came up with the super fun idea of using her newfound time to start an online store to (hopefully!) be able to pay the rent... in just 8 days.

Why eight? Truth be told, I have a hectic schedule, and I just didn't have time to start quite yet. But come Friday, that's when it all begins — and you can follow along on Insta!

I'll also be posting the results here in a giant How We Did This-esque post, so look out for that!

Will it work out? Nobody knows, but we're going to try! Plus, Shopify has an extended 90-day trial, so why not?

The Support Store Makes its Debut

Wednesday, April 8 [Updated date: April 17th! Read below for more.]

Last month, I posted about putting together The Support Store, an International Women's Day inspired creation. It'll give a selection of female-founded product-based businesses selling online some much-deserved spotlighting!

Each month, it'll be a different set of inspiring female entrepreneurs, and you'll be able to shop from a curated selection of their merch right here in the Think Outside Shop.

At the end of the year, I'll be holding a (fingers crossed!) in-person holiday market where you can shop from exclusively female-owned businesses for all of your gifting needs.

A sneak peek of the featured females and their fantastic merch will be posted on our Instagram in the coming days, so keep an eye out!

***Update: We had to switch up the dates a little, the COVID craziness created some unavoidable circumstances with regards to my mum's store that forced the delay. To make up the time, we'll keep our April roster of awesome females on The Support Store for a whole extra month, until June 8th!


The Print Sample Sale, at last!

Monday, April 20

I'm SOEXCITED about this! I have some brand spankin' new print products in the lineup and I'll be drip releasing them in the coming months. What's in line for this month? You'll just have to wait and see, it's going to be live on April 20!

If you're subscribed to our newsletter (bottom of this page, folks!), you will be getting an early look and discounted product bundles exclusively for you!

Update: The Dinner Series and the COVID Interruption

Soo... that didn't quite work out... for now! My dream of combining food and connection hasn't completely disappeared, but COVID definitely didn't love the idea and so once we're done grappling with that, it'll be back!

I've been looking for a cool way to make it virtual, but until then... there's more to keep the excitement going! 

✧ ✧ ✧

That's all for now, thanks for taking the time to read this. Appreciate you! ✌︎

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