What's Been On This Summer

So... hi!

What a year  what more can we say?! For us and for our clients, we've had to adjust, accommodate, and adapt and it's been a freakin' journey and a half. Some of this is going to be pretty vague because of NDAs and projects that are shh shh until launch time, but there's also some hints as to what's coming up that you won't want to miss! Read on to see what's been going on at Think Outside...


Quick Fixes Take OVER

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I officially opened up Think Outside the House last November (almost a year now, what!) and brought my vision of a marketing concierge to reality. As part of that, I created a nifty little service called the Quick Fix, and over the past couple of months, it’s blown up! I’ve had clients set myself and my team these mini-challenges that we complete within 72 hours (usually 24!), and it’s been a super fun way to break up the monotony.

We’ve been challenged with:

  • Optimizing random tech integrations to work automagically
  • Setting up a super fun email template for a launch
  • Adding cute banners and effects to a video
  • Recreating super fun worksheets for an online life-transformation course
  • Designing a cute little celebratory print to go on a pair of socks

If you need something done and can’t be arsed to do it yourself, try one! #challengeaccepted


Masterminis, Empire Building + Creating Delight

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It’s absolutely NO secret that the goals are BIG around here! There’s always more to be inspired by, more to learn, and more to create. I like to surround myself with friends that I affectionately call my laxatives — they get all the creativity and the great ideas out and into play! One thing I’d wish I’d known when I first started on this entrepreneurial journey 12 years ago was just how intrinsic other people would be to my ability to succeed. It’s not that you can’t achieve without other people, it’s that it just takes 20 times longer, and quite frankly, I LOVE the brain fibre that my business besties bring me.

I have ongoing masterminis with two awesome ladies in particular, and what we’ve been able to achieve cheering each other on has been indescribably awesome. In fact, there’s some amazing stuff coming out soon that’s going to change the game for me and for Think Outside. Probably sneak peek in my next What’s On In post — keep an eye out!


e-Commerce-ing away

The Clothing Line

I've been doing e-commerce and brand development for a while, BUT working with clothing has been a whole new ball game! I've been able to build this one from the ground up with such a freakin' cool team, and the coolest part is that I get to see MY DESIGNS on all of the brand assets — including the clothing itself!

The Pharmacist Gone Natural

This one was a really fun challenge! I was given a budget and was told to do what I liked with it, so long as the customer ended up with an online store! Mission ACCOMPLISHED! I created their branding, set up the online store, created print materials for promotion and packaging, consulted on the offering, and we just started on an email marketing campaign (yes, my budget was renewed!).

Want to start your e-commerce journey? Watch out for a couple of e-commerce brand-building case studies, coming soon!

That Smile Co.

This one was a little fun project for some friends and I to bring some smiles for sad days. Unfortunately, we’ve had to put it on the back burner for a second with all of the client projects, but fun fact: it’s waking up and that’s because…


I’m growing my team!

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Putting the busy in busy-ness means I’ve been in desperate need of additional resources! I already have three awesome people on my team, but we’re about to double in size with a brand spankin’ new SEO expert and a few interns! (If you’re looking for interns for your small business, check out Acadium — it’s a great way to hire on a budget and see if it actually is the right time to invest in a new hire!)

This means we’ll be able to get back to working on the not-just-work projects too, and we’re here for it! Loads more to come out this year, I’m just getting started!


That's all for now, thanks for taking the time to read this. Appreciate you! ✌︎

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