3 Ways to Maintain Human Connection and Stay Relevant in Times of COVID (Ew)


Totally aware there's a whole lot of content coming all at once, especially with The Support Store programming... BUT I'm super inspired and excited about the new ways I'm seeing people rework their businesses and stay connected with their client bases and feel like we could all use that positivity to remind us that business is NOT cancelled and that it ain't over til it's over!

Read on for that motivation!

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1. Try out cards from A Little Something Extra!

Say what now? I'll explain...

We all know this time sucks for a lot of business owners. It's not just our businesses, but our clients and customers are going through their own woes at this time. Why not be a ray of sunshine for your favourite people in the moments of doom and gloom that this crisis (unfortunately and inevitably) is bringing?

A Little Something Extra Cards are little notes in the cutest of envelopes for you to write to the people that matter, specifically for them to open when they're in the thick of a bad day.

I received my first one a few months ago and I saved it for weeks, until one day I woke up to 15 missed calls and several angry voice notes from a client freaking out about a major problem her business was facing.

Luckily, it wasn't my fault, but I am on retainer with her and found myself having to work for 3 days straight (nights included!) to find and implement a solution and mitigate her feelings of fear and frustration. I felt like I was going crazy and was in a constant state of panic, my heart skipping a beat every time my phone rang.

On the second day, I saw the little card sitting on my desk and... it was just a beautiful thing. In it, the friend who had left it for me reminded me that things were temporary and that I needed to remember to turn off (even if for an hour!) and just watch some Real Housewives. It sounds simple, but you really don't take the time to remember reality and your own needs in times of work-related craziness. 

(Oops, that was a little longer of a story than the bite-sized one I was aiming for... but try it! Write one to your favourite customer, and guaranteed it'll create a fond memory of you being there for them and help you stay top of mind for when things return to normal and they need what your business is offering!

Plus, who doesn't love receiving handwritten notes in the mail?! OH aaaaaaand because they're so awesome they made a special discount code for you guys, use THINKOUTSIDE15 through the end of April for a neat 15% off!)

2. Get cheesy: Send a slice of awesome to your favourites for a surprise pizza party!

I was looking for some good news amongst the scary headlines, and happened upon one about someone doing this. So cheesy... and SO GOOD! Who doesn't feel better with pizza? (Okay, maybe the lactose intolerant... sorry guys.)

Before the current isolation measures, I'd been meeting with one of my coaching clients biweekly (in person!) and it had kind of become something to really look forward to. We were both concerned about falling behind on all the progress we'd been making over the last year without our regular IRL sessions, and although we were doing our best to continue via virtual video calls (yay Zoom!), something just didn't feel right.

I randomly brought up the topic of pineapple on pizza to get an idea of what her favourite toppings were (pineapple and olives, just like me!) and ordered a pizza to her door an hour before our next session. Guys, it changed everything! Not only did she feel super special, but we ate together and it felt just like our in-person sessions, full of excitement and inspiration.

3. Don't work alone! Try virtual coworking, it's a thing! [Really, my #1 productivity hack!]

This is a LIFESAVER! I signed up for a 4-week online coworking challenge from Make Lemonade (a bomb coworking space in downtown Toronto), and while this is only the third day... I've already done more in this week so far than I have the whole time we've been in isolation. (In case you haven't noticed the last three blog posts and our suddenly super active Instagram!)

In addition to daily one-hour coworking sprints, there's a different event every day that allows you to create and maintain real human connection and keep your business relevant, from mixers to community brainstorm sessions. The great thing is that while their physical location may be Toronto-based, where YOU are doesn't matter, so check them out here and if it's a great fit for you, we can be coworking pals!

Get creative for your clients and find new ways to break up the monotony!

Let's be real, the isolation measures suck in particular because of the mundanity that now exists. The lack of routine, not being able to experience the outdoors like before, and not being able to dine out all the time (this one may be just me!)... there's just nothing to halt the seemingly endless cycle of wake up, stay home, sleep, wake up...

Let the ideas above spark some creativity and help you find ways to break up the monotony for your biggest business supporters. Given that there's not too much going on socially for everyone to talk about, little things that you do now can lead to amazing word-of-mouth results and make sure you're remembered when this is all over... just one little way we can make the best out of this sh*tuation.

If you have awesome ideas for maintaining that human connection, DM us on Insta or comment on this post and we'll share them! 

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That's all for now, thanks for taking the time to read this. Appreciate you! ✌︎

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