What's Been On This Summer

12 September, 2020

Quick Fixes Take OVER

I officially opened up Think Outside the House last November (almost a year now, what!) and brought my vision of a marketing concierge to reality. As part of that, I created a nifty little service called the Quick Fix, and over the past couple of months, it’s blown up! I’ve had clients set myself and my team these mini-challenges that we complete within 72 hours (usually 24!), and it’s been a super fun way to break up the monotony.

    3 Ways to Maintain Human Connection and Stay Relevant in Times of COVID (Ew)

    08 April, 2020

    1. Try out cards from A Little Something Extra!

    We all know this time sucks for a lot of business owners. It's not just our businesses, but our clients and customers are going through their own woes at this time. Why not be a ray of sunshine for your favourite people in the moments of doom and gloom that this crisis inevitably brings?

      What's On In April

      01 April, 2020

      eCommerce Start to Launch in 8 Days!

      If you're following me on my personal Instagram, you already know that my mummy has a brick-and-mortar business that's been forced to close in the interests of society at large. We're trying to keep it running from a distance, but that's not an easy task, especially with the uncertainty and the accumulating rent payments.

      What's on in March

      01 March, 2020

      IWD + The Support Store

      THIS I am so so so excited about! In honour of International Women's Day this month, I've been working on a little something that's going to start on April 8th and continue every subsequent month this year.